COVID-19 Boosters

COVID-19 Boosters

Some people can now get their COVID-19 boosters at Neighborhood HealthSource. Please click to view the info sheet below about who is eligible for a booster.

Kids age 5-11 can now receive a booster shot if their second dose of Pfizer was at least 5 months ago.

Still need your first or second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine? It’s never too late to get vaccinated. Visit our COVID-19 Vaccine FAQs page for more information about the vaccines.

NHS is vaccinating anyone ages 12 and up. You do not need to already be an NHS patient to get a COVID-19 vaccine at our clinics.

Ahora estamos ofreciendo las vacunas Covid-19 a toda persona mayor de 12 años, con o sin cita previa. No es necesario ser un paciente actual de NHS para vacunarse. Esta página responde a preguntas comunes que usted pueda tener sobre las vacunas COVID-19.

Get vaccinated, get a gift card!

NHS is now offering gift cards to people who get their COVID-19 vaccines and/or boosters at our clinic.

  • For Pfizer and Moderna vaccines, get a $50 gift card after your first dose and another $50 gift card after your second dose.
  • For the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, get a $100 gift card after getting vaccinated.
  • Get another $50 gift card after your Covid-19 booster shot of any vaccine.

Vacúnate, ¡y recibe una tarjeta de regalo!

  • Por las vacunas de Pfizer y Moderna, recibe una tarjeta de regalo de $50 después de su primera dosis y otra tarjeta de regalo por $50 después de la segunda dosis.
  • Por la vacuna de Johnson & Johnson, recibe una tarjeta de regalo de $100 después de vacunarse.
  • Recibe otra tarjeta de regalo de $50 después de ponerse el refuerzo de Covid-19 de cualquier vacuna.

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We are committed to treating all patients, with and without health insurance, and believe that cost should never be a barrier to care.

Payment Options

Providing care that our patients can afford is vital to our mission. We have an income-based sliding fee program for patients with and without insurance.
Online bill pay is now available! Visit our payment portal to view and pay your bill.

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