Neighborhood HealthSource is a group of non-profit primary care clinics serving North and Northeast Minneapolis and the northern suburbs.

We have been bringing accessible, affordable care to patients in our communities since 1971. Neighborhood HealthSource is a Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC).

Our Mission

At Neighborhood HealthSource, our mission is to improve and promote the health of our communities by providing quality health care services that are affordable and accessible to everyone.

What does our mission look like in action? We envision a community in which every person can get the healthcare they need from a compassionate and respectful provider; where cost is never a barrier to care; and where health disparities have been eliminated.

What is a Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC)?

Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHC) are clinics funded by the federal government to provide primary care in under-served areas. FQHCs are also called community health centers.

Why choose a Federally Qualified Health Center?

For people without insurance or who have trouble paying for healthcare, health centers like Neighborhood HealthSource are an affordable, accessible option. FQHCs keep people out of emergency rooms and focus on managing patients’ health in the long term. This increases access to healthcare and results in significant savings within a healthcare system.

Patients who do have insurance can support our mission of providing high-quality affordable healthcare for all by getting care at our clinic. As a patient at an FQHC, you know your healthcare dollars support members of your community who can’t afford healthcare.


We’re one of ten Minnesota health centers that make up the Federally Qualified Urban Health Network (FUHN). FUHN supports Medical Assistance patients with primary care to improve the overall health of the community by reducing emergency room visits. This results in significant savings within our healthcare system.

These ten health centers work as a group to improve clinical quality and patient satisfaction, while reducing the total cost of care and improving patient access to primary care. Over five years, FUHN’s activities have saved over $20 million by reducing unnecessary hospitalization and emergency room use. FUHN is transforming the way primary care is accessed and delivered in our marketplace, and represents the innovation we bring to the health care system.

You can help support front line healthcare workers from home during the COVID-19 outbreak by making masks for Neighborhood HealthSource staff. Please bring mask donations to Central Clinic during open clinic hours. A member of our staff will assist you.

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Mission & Services

Neighborhood HealthSource provides a full range of primary medical and behavioral healthcare services at four clinics in Minneapolis and the north metro. We work hard to make sure everyone in our communities can access the care they need.

We are committed to treating all patients, with and without health insurance, and believe that cost should never be a barrier to care.

Payment Options

Providing care that our patients can afford is vital to our mission. We have an income-based sliding fee program for patients with and without insurance.

Call: 612.588.9411

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Neighborhood HealthSource has medical malpractice insurance coverage through the Federal Tort Claims Act (FTCA).

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